Fix: Security Essentials Error 0x8050800d

Originally published at: Fix: Security Essentials Error 0x8050800d

Microsoft has included a pretty handy antivirus program inside Windows that helps to protect the PC against harmful spywares i.e. Windows Defender. It also prevents the users from installing additional third-party antivirus program that requires a purchase in a number of cases. And most importantly, Windows defender provides the same functionality as other paid antivirus…

this worked perfectly .the person who found this is a genius

youre the best


Worked for me. Defender on Windows 10

Works like a charm!

Worked for me also. Fresh/clean install of Windows 10 anniversary edition

This one… but it’s gone now. It let me run a full scan, and when I came back a day later protection was back on. Thanks again.

GPEDIT is not available in non-pro versions. What is the error you’re having?

Thanks. This is very strange; it responded “Windows cannot find ‘gpedit.msc’. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.”

Hold Windows Key and Press R. In the run dialog, type gpedit.msc and Click OK.

Searching “local group policy editor” yields no results. What’s it really called in W10?