Fix: Slow Wifi Issues After Installing Creators Update

Originally published at: Fix: Slow Wifi Issues After Installing Creators Update

Windows 10 Creators Update v. 1703 was released recently, and many Windows 10 users were automatically updated to the Creators Update. This update, resulted in numerous issues on the user-end, one of which is the slowing down of Wifi. The main cause of this issue is the incompatiability between the OS and the Wifi Drivers and…

Make sure that you are typing the name of the Wifi correctly. I recommend highlighting the name with your mouse and pressing “Ctrl” + “C” and then Using “Ctrl” + “V” to put it instead of “-Name”. If that doesn’t work try replacing the Wifi’s name with “Name” instead of “-Name” keep the “-” before the Wifi’s name.

Hi There,

When I use the command

powershell Disable-NetAdapterRsc -Name WiFi

and sub “-Name” out for the name of my wifi.

it does not recognise the command? I cannot work out what I’m doing wrong?

Get-NetAdapterRsc not

??? Am i missing something? That’s literally the command you posted in the article. Like writingferret said, it does nothing when i execute it in powershell

powershell Get-NetworkAdapterRsc* is not a valid command, please follow article step by step.

What if powershell Get-NetworkAdapterRsc does nothing at all? Just pauses briefly, then goes back to the command prompt? No error or anything?