Fix: System Image Backup Error 0x807800A1 & 0X800423F3

Originally published at: Fix: System Image Backup Error 0x807800A1 & 0X800423F3

Creating a backup of your system is a good way of securing your data. But sometimes you might face the errors like 0x807800A1 & 0X800423F3 while making a system image backup. The error 0x807800A1 is shown with a message “A Volume Shadow Copy Service failed. Please check “VSS” and “SPP” application event logs for more…

That is!!!

This solution will be shortly added, Thank you for sharing.

Turned on Workstation thru Services-Automatic & Start. Shadow Copy backup now works!!! Thank You, Thank You

Hello Kenn. Workstation service is a service in server setups. Are you running a server? If so you can open services (services.msc on pressing Windows + R) and enable the service from there.

can you teach this how?

None of these worked for me - instead I found and proved it was related to getting the workstation service running (and the server service may also be required). I usually leave these disabled for security purposes but apparently they’re required even though they are not listed as dependencies.