Fix: The AC power adapter type cannot be determined

Originally published at: Fix: The AC power adapter type cannot be determined

The essential part of a laptop that makes it portable is the rechargeable battery. Batteries have given devices the much-needed freedom of movement that humanity craves. However, you will need an AC adapter in order to charge your laptop battery. For Dell users, charging their batteries has somewhat been a problem. There is a particular…

Thank U bro, throttlestore worked for me. Dell Inspiron 5547

I have Dell Inspiron 3000 series. Replaced the charging port that was damaged.
Get the following error message when I connect the charger :

‘The AC adapter wattage and type cannot be determined’

I have confirmed the the power supply charger works on other Laptop. Also, I have replaced the battery,
I have used ThrottleStop and unchecked the ‘BD PROCHOT’, and set Speed Shift EPP to 1 (Cannot change “Set Multiplier to Max”)
but problem remains.
Any other recommendation how to resolve this issue?

We have updated the article thank you for your suggestions!

You can also add ThrottleStop to your Task Scheduler to run on windows startup.
Glad I can help ! :slight_smile:

Hey Hassam,

Thank you so much for your input. We will add this method to the article soon!

I cant believe this worked

wow, thanks dude! Who knew I would find a good answer in the comment section lol
I love the internet.

NEVER buy a Dell laptop. you cant charge it with someone else 's powerbrick. Anoying!