[Fix] The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005)

Originally published at: Fix: The application was unable to start correctly 0xc0000005

The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005). Click OK to close the application. This error usually occurs with internet browsers, but it is not confined to them. Any application within Windows can stop responding due to this error. Therefore, it needs to be fixed in order to restore the essential software back to working…

Even Ccleaner cant run due to the same problem

downloaded latest visual basic resolved issue (windows 10) and repaired existing versions in add/remove programs and seem to resolve the issue in one of the applications I was trying to use. :slight_smile: happy days hope this helps others

Have you followed the steps? They are same for both the error msgs. with e and without e.

All wrong it is not anything but Microsoft. To those that took the free upgrade to Windows 10 are now being required to use Edge. You need to find a away disconnect Edge. Once done all the programs will work.

Is it Windows 10? Have you tried running the PC into safe mode and then uninstalling or disabling AVG from safe mode?

So avg has locked up EVERYTHING on my computer with the attachment error code “0xc00000e5”. I can’t open system, programs, devices, avg itself, log into avg, or open any other program except internet explorer. I’ve disabled everything unnecessary for start up and rebooted. No avail. I also can’t disable anything in processes, services, etc that deals with avg; however, I can open task manager ( but no programs are ever open to close out). So…accept this challenge and I’ll donate to you…it won’t let me post pictures but please contact me, ASAP would be very very appreciated, and I can show you more pieces of this puzzle I’m playing with.

reinstall avg then, or install avast and uninstall avg.

It was the anti virus but I don’t want to risk disabling my anti virus please help!!!

When was the last time it worked and which application is triggering this error?

even can’t do any of the above as they show same dialogue even while accessing settings, and problem came into picture while i gave avast antivirus some access to act as primary ANTIVIRUS

even im not able to instal any application

the setup wont open because of the error

wait oops it is 0xc00000e5

I use AVG

replace it with AVG or some other antivirus.

Unfortunately, i cannot assist with cracked versions of programs because it is out of scope.

First of all, disable AVG and any other antivirus completely.

Have you tried dit after disabling Avast?

I have the error code thing that says 0x00000e5 does anyone else have this? I can’t use word or mozilla firefox! I really need these to work for school. If anyone has any suggestions, can they please comment? Thanks