Fix: The Audio Service is not running

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The Audio Service is not running is a warning message from Windows which indicates that the service responsible for delivering sound is stopped and cannot be started automatically. Many Windows users have experienced and continue to be affected by a certain issue where the Sound icon in their taskbar – the one that opens a…

Thank you Kevin, solution 6 worked for me. I am only a little bit advanced user and googling for long enough usually resolve the problem. I was desperate and though of reinstalling windows, but your command string helped me to resolve the problem and the sound is working now.

I had to use solution 3 an d had to tick the local service account box so now i dont have the red x ans can open the audio settings and increase and decrease volume but n sound comes out! So idk whats going on

This is something I rarely see with Windows 10, but it does happen. I know that the sound would still work, but that little “Red X” was just irritating! I usually rebooted the computer just to get rid of it, but the trick of simply adjusting the volume worked for me, and I have to laugh over how easy that is! Thanks so much for that tip!

Check for a Windows update or downgrade to another version of Windows.

Done this over and over again to no avail… any advice? Windows audio & windows audio endpoint builder both say they’re running fine but my troubleshooting report still says the audio services aren’t responding.

Yep windows update sorted it.

Thank you so much for your time and info. I’ll keep you updated with anything I figure.

Let me know how it goes, and also check this guide out Fix: No Sound after Fall Creators Update 1709

Check this guide out as well Fix: No Sound after Fall Creators Update 1709

Let me know how it goes. also check windows event viewer to see if anything is conflicting with the services.

It is not stopped upon startup, but if I i stop and start it problem goes away. I was kind of hoping a “delayed startup” would help out, but windows will not allow that for those particular services. Yeah i am pretty confident a net stop/start, possibly with an echo command would work. I may give them a try later on, and let you know. Because at this point it is just a cosmetic startup fault. Nothing impeding functionality.

I am not having the same issue as you so can’t really tell unless i dig deep in but as a work around, i would like to see if the audio service is stopped if it is, then set a batch file to run automatically to enable the service and see what effect this has. I am interseted in updating this guide with a working solution.

No thanks, you can tell me what you want to look at. I am very computer literate. Build and network them for a living. I assure you all the info you informed us to check/do has and needs another approach for this situation.

Can we do a remote session please?

My drivers are always the latest. ;-).Starting to think its not actually an audio problem, As I have audio, with either on board or audigy xfi separately. Everything works aside from having the red x over the speaker icon. That just corrects itself if i simply click it. Open to other things to try. Thanks for any input. I believe its gonna take a windows update to correct this, as that is what caused it.

I think i will be available after 6 pm central time, i will send you an email.

Can we do it later tonight, around 9 pm uk time?

We could; I don’t get off work until probably 5:30 or 6pm central time. The next two days I’m off are Tuesday/Wednesday, if after 6pm central doesn’t work.

Go to Device Manager -> look for the sound card’s model and update the driver (download the one from the manufacturer site), the latest one.