Fix: Third Monitor Not Detected in Windows

Originally published at: Fix: Third Monitor Not Detected in Windows

Some users are reportedly unable to use a third monitor on their Windows 10 PC. Most affected users report that they can only get two monitors to display while the 3rd one is not detected. The problem does not seem to be exclusive for Windows 10, but the frequency is higher especially with older monitor…

I used the "Extend display method and it worked. I now have my three monitors working.

Hey everyone. I had this same problem and was able to fix it. Here are the details:

Scenario in Sequential Order::
First - after putting my pc to sleep, pushing the power button would turn the pc on but none of the screens would turn on unless I forced my pc to shut down by holding the power button down.

Second - When I could get my screens to turn on, only two of my monitors functioned properly. The third monitor would be detected but “Display Settings” wouldn’t allow me to extend to the third screen. I could choose the “Extend desktop to this display” but my pc would just freeze and revert the change after about 5 to 10 seconds.

Third - I tried restarting my pc and it would no longer turn on. (Panic mode initiated).

The Problem/Cause (In my unprofessional opinion):
There were way too many devices plugged into one single circuit.

Explanation - My pc’s power supply (PSU) was not receiving enough power to properly power my graphics card. Specifically, I had - 3 monitors, 2 additional laptops (I work from home), 2 chargers, a fan, and whatever other devices located in different rooms but still on the same circuit - plugged in at the same time. All of these devices were competing for power with one another and my pc, which probably demanded the most power, lost the competition.

The Solution:
I ran an extension cord from an outlet on a different circuit to my pc, and only my pc.

Explanation - This fixed all my issues (excluding daddy and marital issues). I initially tried plugging my pc into the outlet nearby, which was on the same circuit, and that did not work; the pc still would not turn on. To elaborate, and based on my limited experience working with electricity under my neighbor electrician’s supervision, each circuit in a home can only handle so much load (the amount of energy each device/appliance takes up added together) and when that threshold is met, things stop working properly. Think of when you turn on a vacuum or other big appliance and the lights flicker. The flickering is your lights screaming “I’m not getting enough power for my intended purpose.” This was the scenario with my monitors except my third monitor couldn’t scream, it just kept quiet.

Thank you to anyone reading this and I hope this solution and the lightly sprinkled jokes could brighten your day. I know you’re probably frustrated or panicking if you’re coming across this forum.

Note: I also dusted my pc out as best I could, so this could have contributed to the third monitor solution but did not solve the no power issue, so I still think inadequate power was the main culprit.

Hey Aman,

Unfortunately, HDMI splitters will only display the same display on both monitors. If your laptop has USB 3.0 I suggest you to buy USB to HDMI convertor and use that to connect the third monitor.

my screen finds the third monitor but now my mouse will only work on the main laptop and will not go to the other screens. i figured it out thanks. the mouse was plugged in the main laptop . had to also be plugged into the docking station

Great Article!
After banging my head against the wall for a day when my laptop refused to let me use all more than 2 of my 3 screens at once - this article ‘fixed’ it for me on step one!
Thank you!

Excellent article.
After banging my head against the wall for a day when my laptop seemed to have lost the ability to use all three of my screens - this article let helped me fix it on step 1.
Thank you!