Fix: This Blu-ray Disc Needs a Library for AACS Decoding

Originally published at: Fix: This Blu-ray Disc Needs a Library for AACS Decoding

Some Windows users are getting the “This Blu-Ray Disc needs a library for AACS decoding” error when trying to play a Blu-ray disk via the VLC media player. The issue is not specific to a certain Windows version as it’s reported to occur on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Also, the error message…

if you still get the same error, Install Java. it works now…but you need to check no menus or else vlc crAshes

Check this:

Hy Guys
you need to reinstall your Java.
Go to:
Download the right version for your computer and system.

Enjoy and let me know.

I’m having the same problem, so I opened the keydb file to see what’s in it and it appears to literally just be a list of key codes for every Blu Ray movie out there. The problem is, the latest version of this key database is from 2018 and a lot of movies have come out since then, including the one I’m trying to watch (Specifically Venom). So if you want to watch a movie that’s actually in this database, it’ll work. If your movie isn’t in this database, I guess we’re just screwed.

Thanks. But I’m not going to use such an old version of VLC Player. But I found a better solution. I found a freeware program called “Xreveal” which is similar to AnyDVD HD. It makes so I can play Blu-ray discs on media player.

Try it with the following version of VLC.

I followed those instructions and still getting the same error message. VLC 3.0.8 x64 & Windows 10 x64

Yea np, first of all, try to run them with a different media player to isolate the issue with either the software or the files. If they don’t work with another software it means that the files are corrupt.

Check this guide out:

Well, this didn’t work for me. The error said something about “no valid key found in aacs”, or something to that effect. This is frustrating. I had already closed that error window when I went to leave this comment, so when I went back into VLC to try and replicate the error message, it didn’t give me the same message; it just said there it couldn’t play the disc. The specific message it says now is “VLC is unable to open the MRL ‘dvd:///G:’. Check the log for details”. I hope someone sees this, and can help me.