[Fix] 'This File came from Another Computer and might Blocked'

Originally published at: [Fix] 'This File came from Another Computer and might Blocked'

If you have ever transferred files from another computer, you might have experienced message stating that this file came from another computer and might be blocked. This is an annoying message and you may experience it on a number of occasions such as when transferring files from another computer or transferring data from another PC.…

omg thank you,i tried every method and nothing worked until i downloaded the alternate stream view and wala it worked

I tried option 1, adding a registry and now my file just shows a loading symbol… nothing happens.

Nice to know that this helps.

Discovered this with game associated files. I’ve noticed it has been screwing with my game textures in a few different titles. I’m glad you are showing this because manually unblocking 100,000 files would not be fun lol. The solution works and sticks and should help alleviate some problems.

I have it already set to “No protection (not recommended)” and i don’t use Chrome to download files. I use Firefox, so it can’t be that.

I am facing the same issue, however, it’s not really an issue. It’s more like a security protocol that Google has to implement to keep you safe, what I did is that I changed Google Chrome security from “Enhanced Protection” to “Standard Protection”. That fixed the issue for me, it still shows the message for some files but I just head over to the download tab and press “Keep dangerous file”. Here is how you can change the Security settings from Enhanced to Standard:-

  1. Open your Chrome Browser.
  2. Head over to this URL: chrome://settings/security
  3. Once you are on that URL select Standard Protection and you should be good to go.

Hi Kevin
and thanks… Had this problem b4 but couldn’t remember how I fixed it. Amazingly, I’m here for the second time. You must have an incredible marketing team to get such a great Google search placement! lol

I did #1, figured it wouldn’t hurt to do #2 but it was already there. I’m assuming #1 created that reg entry? The blocking keeps 90% of my enormous music video collection from playing. Repeating songs is the 1st clue that it’s back. Cause: Went back to 8.1 pro (and couldn’t be happier). It doesn’t cram MS stuff down your throat nearly as bad as 10, I don’t spend more time fixing my pc than using it and my Pdanet/Hamachi/Privoxy setup actually works (well in Chromium that is). Any idea what could be in Firefox’s config that’s blocking the tunnel? BTW… GREAT JOB ON THIS ARTICLE, You clearly understand there isn’t one solution for everyone and give muliple, easy to follow, instructions. kudos

There are plenty of other solutions have you tried any other methods? Keep me updated so I can help you further!

Have you tried the methods listed in the article?

I faced same issue for all dlls downloaded as artifacts from build on visual studio
Solution 2 i tried and it worked for me