Fix: 'This file cannot be previewed' PDF Preview Handler

Originally published at: Fix: 'This file cannot be previewed' PDF Preview Handler

The PDF Preview Handler error typically appears when Windows users are trying to preview a file in Outlook. The error description states that the file cannot be previewed because of an error to the previewer. Typically, this problem starts occurring after the user upgrades to a newer Outlook version when the user is using Acrobat…

thanks buddy, it solved my problem which was lingering for months together…great work

Gee Whiz! Thank you so much! This has been bugging me for months. Not sure why I didn’t search for a resolution before this, but I’m so grateful!! You just eliminated a regular minor aggravation in my everyday work. Bless you!!

in my case the error was due to having office 64 bits and adobe 32 bit. after installing Adobe Acrobat Reader 64 bits the issue was resolved. Someone should move this cause to number one since many large corporation are migrating to office 64. (marioustx)

Which software do you use?

thank u

Why are all the solutions related to Adobe Reader? I have the error in the preview of the folders and I do not use Adobe Reader because it caused me problems before with other software necessary in my work.

Fixer resolved this issue for me.

Thank you Kevin, Since PDF Element does not come with a PDF Viewer, step one got it working for me! Much appreciated!