Fix: This PC has an unsupported disk layout for UEFI firmware

Originally published at: Fix: This PC has an unsupported disk layout for UEFI firmware

Many Windows users who have upgraded to Windows 10 from an older version of the Operating System experience an issue where their computers simply can’t download and install Windows Updates. Windows Updates come with a plethora of different improvements and fixes, and not being able to download and install them is a pretty significant issue.…

Looks like the dude wrote an expert article but hasn’t kept up with any of the comments/questions that his article doesn’t fix.


I’ve got a strange one for you - my disk is already GPT…

Similarly to others, the error in question popped up out of the blue after Win10 had been installed for months, but my update is “Feature update to Windows 10, version 1703.” Also I’ve done some further digging and found that diskpart simply doesn’t seem to recognize the drive as GPT (with the ‘*’), despite disk management reporting that it is. Could this mismatch be related to the source of my issue?

1703 is still very new, and i do not have enough data to suggest a exact fix but it seems like the two are incompatiabile for some reason. Can you downgrade to the stable release and then do the restore?

Hi Kevin,

I followed the instructions here and installed a clean version of 1703, intending to restore the old system image over the top to get back to my old setup with a GPT partition layout.

However, although 1703 installed fine, when I go to System Restore to restore the image, it fails with error 0x8007065E “Data of this type not supported”.

So now I’m stuck with a working but pretty useless version of Windows 10 with none of my software or settings!

I’ve tried searching for solutions to the 0x8007065E error, but nothing comes up, so advice would be appreciated.

It looks like the new build isnt compatiable, so the configuration changes are the only option i would take as the first step to troubleshooting.

Hi Kevin. Ive been running Windows 10 for ages. Last week it wanted to upgrade to build 1607 and now i’ve got this UEFI Layout issue - and it cannot upgrade. Why is this only happening now? I dont really want to blow away windows and start again, that is a huge job - surely there is a better way ? Any advice appreciated…

Hi Kevin. Ive been running Windows 10 for ages. Then it wanted to upgrade to build 1607 and it cannot because of this UEFI layout issue. i do not want to wipe my machine nor reinstall Windows. Surely there must be another way? Why did Windows 10 work fine all this time and only now comes up with this issue ? any help appreciated.