Fix: This Program is Blocked by Group Policy

Originally published at: Fix: This Program is Blocked by Group Policy

When trying to launch an application or program on a Windows 7/8/10 computer, many users have reported the respective application or program not opening and being met with an error message basically stating that the application or program cannot be opened because it is being blocked by group policy. The whole error message reads: “This…

What sort of files are you deleting? some malware might regenerate files associated with it or they might be important files created by Windows’ services. You have to specify the files that you are deleting for better assistance on our end.

If you have an administrative account on the computer you can otherwise it is difficult to bypass it.

Solution 2 worked, but I lost all my bookmarks in Chrome. Any idea about how can I recover them?.

Solution 1 works

Hello, what about the websites which blocked by the group policy like youtube, facebook and instagram??? Is there any way to bypass the group policy???

Please help ! I can’t delete the files in the registry editor ! I deleted them but after a reboot the files are re-appearing and the program is still blocked. I deleted them 10 times by now but they keep appearing over and over again ! Thx !

Thanks, Solution 2 worked perfect. Had to go through several websites/blogs until I found this one which worked.