Fix: Unable to Change Priority in Task Manager

Originally published at: Fix: Unable to Change Priority in Task Manager

Often times having a PC or laptop that doesn’t have fairly high specifications can lead to a sub-par performance in a number of intensive games. You might get low frame rates and crashes if the game is demanding. A solution that users have applied for this is changing the game or program’s process’ priority to…

I use D3DGear its software that you have to pay for but is worth it

Did work but not for fortnite. Anything else you can suggest?

Still not working tried everythging exept show all users thing im on win 10 tho

If you are trying to change the priority for a game and it requires Anti Cheat Engine, then it won’t change.

thanks working

I am trying to set the priority or affinity of AVG Service, which may take upto 99% of CPU, but this specific process wont allow me to change that. It is working for other processes but not for AVGSvc.exe.
Please help!

What do you mean by “Show processes from all users”? Because I can’t find that.

its easy antycheat that preventing you, try seaching that up for frotnite and you will find what you need

Try uninstalling Fortnite, once you get it off your PC it will thank you lol

thanks, working

First try the methods in the article and if they don’t work, create a new admin account and check if the option is shown in that


AntiCheat Engine doesn’t allow users to change the game’s priority.

Click on “Details” in Windows 10

The service might be preventing you from doing so. Some applications forbid the user from changing their priority in the task manager.

If it is for fortnite it is prevented my EasyAntiCheat. Also, make sure that you try the methods in the article but if the game somehow prevents the user from changing the option it will not be shown in the Task Manager.

my guy don’t even use recording software what did you do different

yeah I just started to use a different recording software than obs

yeah, did you fix it?