Fix: Uninstall SkypeHost.exe On Windows 10

Originally published at: Fix: Uninstall SkypeHost.exe On Windows 10

With the release of the all new Windows 10, came all new features and applications with it. Among them was the integration of the Messaging app and Skype Video app into Windows 10. Skype Video app here provides built in capabilities for video chat. The process in question here, skypehost.exe, is the process used by…

i tried method 1 for uninstalling skypehost, but the app still in my laptop. how I uninstall it

try method 4, or use revouninstaller.

how do I do it for windows7

Thank you very much. I followed the first method. Done. But, I hope not receive high CPU usage of skypehost.exe again.Regards

The guide comes into play when Skype isn’t uninstalled completely.

Clicked on W10 startmenu scrolled down to skype and uninstalled it.

thanks a lot, it is working.

thanks a lot !!

Thanks a lot for the post! My machine was running this all the time. One more you may want to add to your list of programs to check for in Method 1: “Get Skype”

I removed “Messenger + Skype” but I did not have “Skype Video app” and “Skype app” listed on my machine at the time (but I did have “Get Skype”).

Thanks again!

Thank you, thank you very much!!


Thank you very much



gracias me resulto util