Fix: Unknown and Strange Devices Showing Up on Network

Originally published at: Fix: Unknown and Strange Devices Showing Up on Network

Wi-Fi protection is an essential requirement if you want to avoid being hacked, losing data and sharing your Wi-Fi with unauthorized users. For these reasons, you should always change your Wi-Fi password regularly. There has been concern on online forums about rogue devices, mostly phones, showing up in the Network page of File Manager. Right…

Thank you. Method 1 worked just fine. Good job!

4 years later. YES … THANK YOU!

Many thanks!!!

Thank you that it worked. I didn’t know what was going on since I only have a desktop and am connected to Xfinity. Four other devices: 2 Mediatek, a Samsung, and a Roku were showing up on other devices. Now it is just my desktop and Xfinity showing.

In my case it was my Android TV Box…the device that kept appearing on my network was named “uhhhhhh” With a name like that, it was really hard to know what it was.

Man!! Thanks so much for this. This has been annoying me for years

This service was enabled & running, but my router does not support WPS and WiFi is disabled. So it did not solve the problem. The internal architecture of Microsoft Windows is like spaghetti – when something breaks there are MANY possible causes, and most of the solutions you find will not work. Really the world’s worst OS, something is always broken and it requires too much work to maintain.

This information was SPOT ON for connectivity issues with my Tablo DVR.

Thanks for this! I thought it was some intruder and started to get worried haha