Fix: USB Mouse and Keyboard not Working Windows 10

Originally published at: Fix: USB Mouse and Keyboard not Working Windows 10

A USB mouse/keyboard connected to Windows 10 might fail to work primarily because of either hardware problems or other software conflicts within the system itself. In most cases, only one of the HCI devices (mouse or keyboard) might fail to work. The solutions in this article are for both of them. You can also toggle…

Yes, you will have to clean install the Windows as it seems like the OS issue. It’s possible that the windows you installed have stripped drivers. If that’s the case, your computer is having issues deciding drivers to pick up for your mouse and keyboard.

Hi, I’ve been trying to fix what apparently seems to be a system related problem on a ten years old pc. USB ports they all works fine until Windows logo pop up and begins loading the OS. Then keyboard and mouse lights turns off and there’s nothing I can do once Windows desktop appears. I can’t even see the mouse arrow.
So first I connected as primary a second internal hard disk with a second OS that has allowed to check and eventually fix any issues within the old one, I run first Windows Defender, then I scanned the disk. There’s was an issue that apparently has been repaired but still nothing changed. So I moved to a bootable USB with Windows 10, but I’m not even sure of the version that is running on the machine because I can’t check anything, no mouse or keyboard once I’m in, but everything is fine when I browse the options on the bootable USB key. So I try a couple things, actually everything, I even try to update and reset Windows keeping the data and the apps (I’d prefer to avoid format, there’s an app that I wouldn’t be able to install again due to the license) but at the end I got this message saying that nothing has been modified, OS is still the same, with the same problem. Now I don’t know what else should I do, beside trying with a couple of bootable apps like Ultimate Boot or Boot Genius hoping to fix the issue but I doubt it… I mean, am I missing something? Is there an actual solution? I even tried using the same hard disk on another pc, different motherboard etc, but still the exact same problem, so it has to be related to the OS installed on it, right? It’s driving me crazy. Any idea of what the issue could be?

Can you try to plug in something other than the mouse and keyboard in these USB ports? I think you are having issue with your motherboard.

After I’ve opened my Pc for a yearly cleanup and turned it back on, win 10 doesn’t recognize usb mouse & keyboard, although there is the jingle when I connect them. Tried a ps/2 mouse, it lights up, but still no recognition. In the bios everything works. Can’t trigger the safe boot menu either, because when I reset during boot up, the pc starts for 5-10sec, then turns off. I turn it on again, and the bastard boots up normally!

Any suggestions?

That’s what I feared.

The PS2 keyboards and mouse don’t work either? You won’t be able to apply the solutions if the mouse and keyboard aren’t recognized by the computer, Keyboards are recognized by PCs even if there isn’t an operating system installed on it so it is most likely that you are experiencing a hardware issue with the motherboard.

That doesn’t work either

The first solution asks you to use a different Keyboard and mouse.

Solution 2 worked well and easily for me. Many thanks.