Fix: Volume bar stuck on the top left of screen

Originally published at: Fix: Volume bar stuck on the top left of screen

There is a known issue within Windows 8.1 where the volume bar appears at the top left corner of the screen, obstructing visibility, while users attempt to increase or decrease the volume. This issue is infuriating people because it persists even after restarting or putting the PC into sleep mode. Microsoft has not provided any…

I found thanks to you the solution for win 10,
if you are in device options, to the left there is a link Additional dive options
there go to enhancement
there you will find a checkbox (immediate mode)
mine was checked and I unchecked it.
I have tested it but so far it is gone.

what a relieve, I hope others will be helped with this solution

Thanks that was a quick fix to an annoying problem

Jesus thanks, right when i picked up my headset it went away

Thanks this was the issue in my case and unplugging it resolved it. I’ll figure that out later but so happy that it wasn’t a prob or virus with my laptop!

Thanks - that worked!

On my MS surface, I pressed the physical volume-up, Volume-down buttons that solved the issue.

This is likely caused by a bluetooth keyboard with a volume control. Just hit ESC and the annoying little volume display will disappear. :wink:

Well… after lot of troubleshooting and resolving the issue myself… there is one and only ONE true solution… this is because your volume control of your headset is stuck. Just increase / decrease it a bit until the volume meter number. (volume level) stops flickering. leave it that way and voila ! it goes away !!!