Fix: Windows 10/11 Won't Install or Download Updates

Originally published at: Fix: Windows 10/11 Won't Install or Download Updates

Microsoft releases a multitude of cumulative updates for Windows 10 and 11 each month. Typically, updates are automatically downloaded and installed through Windows Update; however, users may occasionally encounter various errors during the update process. For each potential error, there are tried and tested solutions suggested by users who have experienced similar issues. Understanding why…

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Did you get the “Cant connect to the update services” and fix it through there?

None of the solutions work for me since the SoftwareDistribution folder was access denied. What I did was booted into safe mode where I renamed it to SoftwareDistribution.old and it started working after rebooting back.

Do you get a specific error message while trying to update?

Solution 3 failed - wouldn’t stop msiserver or rename directories.
Solution 2 worked. Solution 2 is so simple why can’t MS build it into their update processes.
I consider myself quite computer savvy but for naive users this is beyond them and they shouldn’t have to do it or get someone else to do it for them.

When I hit "

net stop msiserver"

It says “The Installer service is not started”

it worked like a charm after completing step#2 thank you so much peeps

My updates are working using method #3 Thanks!

msiserver wasn’t actually started and in my opinion not needed as well. It’s possible that the SoftwareDistribution folder is not renamable because the wuauserv service is started by windows automatically again. stop it again and then as quickly as possible rename the folder. that should work and you shouldn’t have to take ownership (except you have messed up permissions anyway).

Window supdate troubleshooter, like ALL microsoft troubleshooters is COMPLETELY workthless.

I have yet to see a Microsoft “trouble shooter” that ever worked. EVER

solutions do not work

I haven’t been able to install an update for well over 6 months now. Just fails every single time. It’s getting annoying to say the least. Hopefully something here will work.

i have same problem but there is update. not installing updates.

No 2 worked for me - thanks for this - has been a real headache!

Worked nicely. Most appreciated.

Thank you! This was the only thing that helped me install the latest Windows 10 release, after about 7 attempted tries and failures. It hung at one stage for 17 hours. This worked perfectly.

Solution 2 worked for me, namely the BITS part was set to Automatic (delayed) and after changing to just Automatic everything was fine.

Anything else? I tried it all and nothing. I’m so frustrated. Is there a way to manually update

Used step 2 and found BITS not running. Set it to automatically start. Restarted CPU and everything went through perfect. Thank you