Fix: Windows 10 Creators Update No Internet Connection

Originally published at: Fix: Windows 10 Creators Update No Internet Connection

The Windows 10 Creators Update has been plagued with a wide variety of different problems and issues ever since its release, and among these numerous issues are a plethora of different network and internet connection problems. Countless Windows 10 users who have chosen to upgrade their computers to the Creators Update (or users whose computers…

I had to change my DNS settings to and After doing all the steps above, this is the only thing that worked for me.

Solution 2 worked for me. Thanks very much for the extensive article!

If you are using Update 1709, then you do not need Comodo. Windows Defender takes care of it, and two antivirus apps will always conflict.

there seems no option as far as i know in windows 10 to do that but you can use Method 2 from here: How to Stop Windows from Automatically Installing Outdated Drivers also may i know which article did you use to force the policy editor to allow you to choose updates?

Kevin…that is an extremely useful article on fixing Win10 1703 internet connection probs. Perhaps you can help with another matter: I used the local policy editor to force Win10 to give me the option of accepting update downloads and installs. I would like to be able to selectively choose which updates to accept, eg., security-related. Do you know of a way to do this?

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It is a bug in the Microsoft network driver, that has persisted since 2010 or so… They never fixed this. Some are effected, others are not. The solution is to install a driver from your manufacturer, and opt out of windows driver updates. (system properties > hardware > Device installation settings > select no.)

I had the same problem. I updated my custom built system today and it crashed my Comodo Firewall. When I tried to reinstall Comodo it crashed again… and again… then all of a sudden I noticed no internet at all. It was like Comodo was stuck in my system… I couldn’t uninstall it… nor could I reinstall it… or access any of the settings. The only solution I had was to revert my system back to the version of Windows before I updated it.

Hello, I’m on a window Pc and my internet connection has randomly stopped working and I haven tried all of the tasks above to fix it