FIX: Windows 10 Mail App Error 0x80040154 or 0x80c8043e

Originally published at: FIX: Windows 10 Mail App Error 0x80040154 or 0x80c8043e

When Windows 10 was first released to the public, it’s likely that the folks at Microsoft were regretting ever creating the Windows 10 Mail app. As the resident email client for Windows 10, it had more problems than the Middle East. One of the most significant issues experienced by Windows 10 Mail users was the…

my problem is in app photos and video what i have to do?

help me ! i cant rename it. its shows that the file is open , but it int … help please

Option 2 was simple and worked - thanks so much for sharing. It seems incredible that this hasn’t been fixed in one of the regular windows 10 upgrades.

didn’t expect this to work but It did!
thanks a lot
that solution 2 rocks!

Kevin, you are a steely eyed missile man! Option 2 worked perfectly----and very easy to execute! Thanks so much for the great tip!!!

Reboot in Safe Mode. How to: Start Windows 10 in Safe Mode then perform the steps.

I reboot my computer and still I cannot rename the folder

Please reboot computer and then try without opening any apps.

I tried your solutions but when I try to change comms folder name it says folder is in use so I cannot change name.

Thank you, your feedback serves as a motivation to do more.

Wish I would have started here, just wasted an hour on sites giving solutions that are so complicated I had to print off instructions, and yet they ALL didn’t work! This second super easy solution allowed me to keep my account, email, all I had to do was search and rename a file! Keep up great job!##

Reboot and then try.