FIX: Windows 10 Restarts Instead of Shutting Down

Originally published at: FIX: Windows 10 Restarts Instead of Shutting Down

Countless Windows 10 users have complained about their computers experiencing shutdown problems immediately after they have been upgraded to Windows 10. The most common among these shutdown issues is the computer restarting instead of shutting down whenever the user attempts to shut it down. In such cases, your computer will restart 5-10 seconds after it…

Thanks man! It worked for me.

COMMON FACTOR: the processor and DVDRW drive. Try unplugging the drive. Try a different processor.

If you are still having problem then I think you may have a CMOS problem. Did you try replacing the 3Volt battery? Make sure you clean the contacts. Good Luck

Is it possible if the root problem is my PSU?

Thank you, it worked.

I had fast boot turned off when my computer started exhibiting this behavior. Turning fast boot back on ‘fixed’ it.

Many thanks, i searched two hours for this problem and your solution fixed it.

I had this happening. It turns out it was the CMOS battery going flat. When I changed it, it fixed the issue.

the PC was restarting when i select sleep mode… but i found out the problem it was the mouse, if unplug mouse sleep mode worked, and when mouse plugged then pc was restarting instead to go in sleep mode…

I can repl for this - same thing. reboots.

I follow the 1st step but nothing solved, I have Gigabyte 41 motherboard , there is no “ON/OFF by Gigabyte” on “Apps/Programs”. I still in trouble

It worked thanks

Power Down After Shutdown being 0 is the default setting in Windows 10.

What do you mean? Can you elaborate, please?

Worked thanks. Late to the windows 10 party, 7 was working so well, then fortnite broke.

I pushed the on/off button for 6 sec to force it to shut down. I then started my laptop and shut it down from start, and it worked properly this time.

It can be possible, in fact in most cases the issue is triggered due to a faulty PSU or unstable voltages.

Thank you so much, solution 1 worked for me!

this happened to me on a new laptop also. i opened her up and checked the solder points where the battery connected to the motherboard. and charger port also to eliminate them both. There i noticed what seemed like cracked solder points. reheated them and voila it worked first time.