Fix: Windows 10 stuck in Welcome Screen

Originally published at: Fix: Windows 10 stuck in Welcome Screen

Earlier this year, Microsoft decided to skip over Windows 9 and introduce the latest iteration of the Windows Operating System in the form of Windows 10. Windows 10 is arguably the best version of the Operating System to have ever been created, but like all of its predecessors, it is not without its very own…

Hello Kevin, I just bought a new ACER aspire-xc-886-i5422. I wired it and started it up and during the Windows 10 set up, I got stuck on the last Welcome page : one with 3 tick boxes (send me offers - i want to participate - share with norton) - i’ve tried all possibilities : ticking one or ticking 3 etc. The “next” button still cannot be clicked and I am now stuck. What should i do ?

Yes, still happens every time I have to restart or shut down and relog.

I had this happen to me where all my usb ports stopped working turned out the power supply was dieing

Kevin, I have a Lenovo desktop and am having the welcome screen stuck issue. I can get to the repair screen, but it doesn’t repair and gives me the options to restart or advanced options, the problem is that at this screen neither my keyboard or mouse are working so I have no way of choosing…please help, I’m desperate!

I have this happening with 1 user on her laptop, I can login without any problem. For her it just goes to the “welcome” screen and sits there.

You can take help from a technician on

Hello K.Arrows i have the same problem

It would probably be best to do a clean install.

I have same issue as Kane88 can you explain what should I do thank you

Having the same stuck on the welcome screen problem, but when I tried the suggested repair, it told me it could not repair the PC. HELP

Yes my account is link to Microsoft

Hi my asus laptop with windows 10 is stuck on login I would put my password in and it would load for a little bit then go back to screen saver then it would ask for my password again it’s just a big loop

Hi, so I’m having this problem, where my laptop is stuck at the “acer explore beyond the limits tm” which is way before the log in screen. Do you have any idea of how to fix it without losing all of its data?

Well, it turns out i may end up replacing my 7-8 year old computer anyway. Hard drive and motherboard are going bad.

I have the same problem, i was logging in one day just hoping to play one of my favorite games. And then that damn welcome screen glitch occurs. I did the reboot, and the troubleshoot, and i ended up getting what Sylvia got. The log file one.

Hi- my Toshiba satellite has windows 10 and is stuck at the weclome screen - and the power button on the screen doesnt show any options when I click on it, so I’m not able to select from the options you described above. Help!!

Help please! I turned on my PC in the morning and typed in my password, but I didn’t realize I typed it wrong when I hit enter. Now it’s been saying “Welcome” for a long time. I’ve tried turning it off and on but it keeps booting to the welcome screen with the dots floating around and there’s nothing that I can press. Any fix??

Yes, I can also do that from the advanced recovery options menu.

Are you able to get into Safe Mode? How to: Start Windows 10 in Safe Mode