Fix: Windows 10 Takes Forever to Shutdown

Originally published at: Fix: Windows 10 Takes Forever to Shutdown

Shutting down your Windows may seem like a simple process. You are just turning your PC off. How hard can it be? Yet there is a lot more to shutting down rather than just cutting the power supply to your computer. Windows have to sequentially shut down system processes, save your data, and free up…

Solution 2: Process Problems – With VerboseStatus enabled, shutdown or restart shows “Please wait for the SENS”. I had to disable it under run → services.msc → System Event Notification Service…Startup type to Disabled. Issue solved.

There is strong prejudice in your question. The fact is Windows 10 is not defective. However, proper expectations are not established the majority of the time with many consumers. As an IT professional, I can not express how many times education on a platform or application changes an opinion. Develop software/applications with the correct hardware using best practices and you will not be disappointed.

Dude thank you so much, i don’t know what solved it exactly because i did like all the solutions but thank you so much! Went from 10 to even sometimes 20 minutes to just 10-30 seconds.

This is Great, it’s solved my problem thanks so much
Verbose and pagefile helping me , thanks again

amazingly great stuff

Very helpful, thank you

Thanks for the tips.
For me the one that worked was the Solution 4, Page file problems. For some unknown reason, the ClearPageFileAtShutdown was enabled few weeks ago!

Great details…

On the Final Solution – hmm, maybe another name – I have but a single entry after Control. There is no WaitToKillServiceTimeoutValue line for me adjust. Is that unusual, significant or metaphysical?

You should be able to, can you see it in the registry?

This is great stuff, thanks for your effort. I do wonder if as a developer I created software for a client, and it was as defective as Windows 10 seems to be, how does Microsoft get off with placing the blame on their customers? Just wondering.

The page file tip worked for me. Also, the verbose registry edit is something I had no idea about. It’s extremely useful. Thank you!