FIX: Windows 10 Update Fails with Error Code 0x80070013

Originally published at: FIX: Windows 10 Update Fails with Error Code 0x80070013

The 0x80070013 error code you get from Windows 10 indicates that you are trying to install a driver on your computer that is already installed, or you’re installing one that is less compatible with your hardware than the one that you already have. Now that you know what it is, we can see what it…

Can you try going to that location manually and then try to delete that folder?

It won’t lt me rename it

You can use this shell: Microsoft Apps
It provides the same functionality as the cmd in computers and it can be used to execute the same steps on your mobile.

What if this error is on the Lumia 650 Windows phone?!

Please reboot your PC in Safe Mode and then do the steps. You can take a print out of the steps or open these from a mobile.

Hi, I followed all the steps above but when I try to rename Software Distribution folder I get “access is denied as one or more files in this folder are in use”.

You can try to get ownership of the folder before renaming it with administrator privileges.

When I get to step where I rename files (catroot), I get “access is denied”.