Fix: Windows Activation Error 0x803fa067

Originally published at: Fix: Windows Activation Error 0x803fa067

The error 0x803fa067 can be caused by a bogus Windows copy or a previously installed update that altered your system files due to which users are not able to upgrade their Windows. When Windows 10 was pushed out, you could easily upgrade your Windows 7 or 8 to the newest in the market if your…

I just followed the steps, disable the network and use the product key i got from Microsoft partner store keyingo, upgrade to pro successfully

Try to use the activation troubleshooter

I tried this but when i clicked the activate button after disabling my internet, it shows error 0x803F7002 saying that there’s no internet connection so activation can’t go through. Any ideas?

First, enter the code, then disable the wifi and then go for the upgrade

Please tell me how did you do it? I tried disableing wi-fi and entering code but still nothing. Please help me! Thanks

Thank you soo much!!! 17-02-2020 , working !!

Thanks for the article! I got this error on a brand new ASUS laptop, which came with Windows 10, but wouldn’t let me upgrade to pro. Something about a “digital license”? bunch of gobbledygook that made no sense to me. This fixed the issue.

The Reimage Repair Tool is offered in 3 different ways on this page…
Has anyone tried this?