Fix: Windows blocked software because of unverified publisher

Originally published at: Fix: Windows blocked software because of unverified publisher

The error ‘Windows has blocked this software because it can’t verify the publisher’ arises when your security settings cannot verify the publisher of the content. Even though I don’t prefer Explorer because it often does this unnecessarily, I understand that you and many of my clients favor Internet Explorer, which is what you’re used to.…

Worked for me. Thanks so much

Worked great for me. Thank you much, Kevin!

It finally was the Java version. I had only an x64. Once I installed an x86 one I could run it.

Can’t comment until i look at it, but if it can’t verify the publisher then assign a custom ssl (self generated one) and add the certificate to trusted publishers.

I’m on windows 10 and trying to run a local web project on http://localhost:8080 This web project has a java applet wich I can’t get to run. I could do it with Internet Explorer on Windows 8, but in this windows 10 installation I can’t get it to run.
I already added localhost to trusted sites list and custimized the security level with everything wide open and can’t run the applet

try firefox

cp plus camera view not getting windows 10 using browsers and software but able to take snapshot view.

Which publisher is it and what is it that you’re trying to install?

not working for me :frowning: still get the same error (w10 ie11)