Fix: Windows Explorer has stopped working

Originally published at: Fix: Windows Explorer has stopped working

Windows Explorer is a handler (a process) which enables you to explore the various screens on your Windows. If it stops working; You will get unwanted notices telling you that it has stopped working; some programs may also not open, the ones that works in accordance with Windows Explorer. Technically, Windows explorer has stopped working error is triggered when…

After none of the above fixes worked, UNINSTALLING WINZIP 12 and getting it off of my machine is what finally fixed this most vexing problem on BOTH of my Windows 7 64-bit Machines…

Im glad it worked for you :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! I found your video via google and then went to your website to see if you had written instructions. Sure enough, you did! Like the others below me, it was #3 that fixed my problem. I had read in various places that this could be caused by the video drivers, which you also mentioned, so I disabled all extensions related to NVIDIA on the ShellExView program, it fixed the problem. According to Device Manager, my video drivers are updated. Regardless, all is good now. Thanks for such a great video and write up!

3 worked for me…FINALLY! Thank YOU!

3 was working for me thanks

I will try this