Fix: Windows has detected an IP address conflict

Originally published at: Fix: Windows has detected an IP address conflict

The “Windows has detected an IP address conflict” error message occurs when there is a conflict between IP addresses. This means one of your Device’s IP addresses matches your system IP address under the same network. If we look at the error message, the error itself says that Windows has detected an IP address, which…

Restart your computer and your router, this will let the DHCP server of your router assign you a new IP Address. Keep me updated!

If you have only one adapter for the internet, then YES, if two then no since one of the two could be causing the conflict.

This looks fine. What was the original issue?

I need to see yours so i can figure out what is wrong and where.

type this cd C:users

does it effect the internet connection ?

reboot your router and all the connected devices.

Yeah I know but which one are you asking for CMD or Ip conflict? Or do you want both?

please upload a screen shot

Can you post a screen shot/pic here?

Already did this. I am seeing 5555 with a symbol in the wireless network connection, is this normal?

Ip conflict with another device on this network and it drop outs all the time?

reboot your system, and then try.
make sure you’re running it as an administrator.