Fix: Windows Update Error 0x80070490

Originally published at: Fix: Windows Update Error 0x80070490

The error 0x80070490 is a status code signaling a corrupted file or process in the System Component Store or in Component-Based Servicing (CBS). The two services have the responsibility of running and overseeing all Windows-related update operations. Any damage or corruption within their files might render the Windows Update component inoperable. Error 0x80070490 is mostly encountered when applying a system update via…

it worked from method 2.
Thanks alot…

I have this problem. when i do printing . i get that error . i try sfc/ scannow i does not solve this problem again and again i see 0x80070490 … please help

Factory reset worked

I think in this case, you will have to reset the console to factory settings.

Since it works, with a new user account - it may be possible that the user account is corrupt.

How about trying to create a new user account? If that doesn’t work then i would suggest a reset.

Nope, and the restore point is gone now. I never thought it would be a permanent issue, I thought I could find a fix, or it would fix itself, but unfortunately not yet.

Please uninstall and then reinstall mail app. It should install the latest version without the need to apply updates.

That’s already been done umpteen times. (The Mail app is one of 23 that won’t update). Having tried everything I could find on the net I have found and fixed the 0x80070490. error - only to be replaced by a different error. Found and fixed that - now I don’t get any error, I have 23 apps queued for update but doing absolutely zilch. Looks like I’ll have to do a rset then re-install all the applications I’ve already put on there - damn!

I have just discovered a whole lot of failed app updates in the store (I don’t use the store very often). They all have error 0x80070490. Following your recommendation I have run sfc/scannow (no issues found), then Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth (no issues) repeated sfc/scannow (still no issues found), finally restarted the Windows Update and Windows Module Installer services. Then I went into the store and tried the failed update for Mail and Calendar again - it failed with the same error (0x80070490).
The strange thing is that when I receive Windows Updates they all appear to install ok and I get NO error messages! It was only when MailCalendarPeople apps stopped working that I eventually got around to checking updates in the store. Any more ideas please?

Please see here:

Is there someway to reset the user account to fix a corruption without loosing all the settings for all my programs. It’s ok for me to lose all the Windows Store apps and reinstall them, but not lose installed programs from websites or having to redo all the settings/layout for them if that’s possible.

Please login to and then see if all your mails are there?

You’ve taken the right decision to not do a system restore. If you do; you may run into more problems. Since Windows 10 is now installed; let’s focus on fixing things in the present scenario. To assist with e-mail question; i would like to know if you had them setup as POP on an e-mail client? Are they available via webmail? Thanks

Keith, thanks so much. Appreciate your help.

Yikes! I’m glad I asked. How do I get Thunderbird?

Yes they are.

Cool :slight_smile:

You can try clean boot and sfc scan.