Fix: Your IT Administrator has Limited Access

Originally published at: Fix: Your IT Administrator has Limited Access

The error ‘Your IT Administrator has Limited Access’ can potentially be caused by third-party antivirus software and pops up when you’ve recently updated your Windows 10 and try to turn on the Windows Defender. The Windows Defender is an integral part of the Windows 10 that scans your PC without bothering you every time you…

perform an SFC scan and see if that fixes the issue

I’m using Win10 Home, I’ve tried downloading it but it still won’t work. I have ‘regedit’ though but I don’t knw where to find it there

What version of windows are u using?is it windows home?

I cant find gpedit.msc

Have you tried the group policy fix?

gpedit.msc does not work

I’ve got the same error even in the ‘Administrator’ account.

nothing worked for me. windows defender running in backgroung

I used that hidden admin account and was able to turn on and update Windows 10 built-in AV and when I went logged back in to my account everything worked! Thanks for this help, you beat Microsoft tech support on this!

Install GPEdit on your windows and try the steps

You must be on Windows Home