FIX: Your Microsoft Account wasn't changed to a local account 0x80004005

Originally published at: FIX: Your Microsoft Account wasn't changed to a local account 0x80004005

The 0x80004005 error is usually related to an Access Denied situation. However, if it occurs when you’re trying to switch to a Local Account on your Windows device, it means that the Microsoft account wasn’t synced properly. When installing Windows 8/8.1/10, you are required to login with a Microsoft account. However, you have the option…

I’m deleting the registry keys on Step 4 but I can’t delete them. How can I delete them?

My problem started when I cleaned my registry using CleanMyPC - Registry Cleaner. I lost my main desktop account, I somehow recovered it, but I am now logged on to it using my Microsoft email instead of my local username.

Hello Marz. It seems that Microsoft changed this over the frequent updates and removed the services mentioned above. Please refer to the updated article to fix the problem.

One of the techs are now reviewing the article, and will update soon.

Same problem and yes of course where else would we be looking? lol

did you check services.msc for anyting related to those services?
Hold the Windows Key and Press R.
type services.msc and Click Ok.
then look through the list.

Me either, it’s not there.

yes, sorry for the late reply. still my windows 10 cant change to local account

Did you look at services.msc console?

i dont have live update and windows live ID in my services. how do look for it?