[FIXED] 'Something went Wrong. Try to reopen Settings later'

Originally published at: [FIXED] 'Something went Wrong. Try to reopen Settings later'

You may encounter the Windows 10 update issue if the services essential for the operation of Windows update are not properly configured. Moreover, corrupt Windows installation may also cause the error under discussion. The user encounters the issue when he launches the Windows update in the system’s Settings but faces the “Something Went Wrong. Try…

I think you also have stopWindows10 update installed i also had that installed i deleted the entire stopWindows10 Update folder and enabled the UOS and my windows update resumed normally.

That’s really unfortunate, check to see if there are any updates pending on your computer and you can actually update your Windows without relying on fixing this issue. If that’s not possible then you can do a repair install on your Windows using the following article:

I tried Method 2 to 5 without any success. I also used third party software and did hard stop and then start updates and this did not work. Any suggestions? Would the error correct itself if further updates for Windows 10 were taken in the future?

Parameter means that if the services are set to manual, automatic, or delayed start. It’s the same thing basically but it doesn’t really matter as you mentioned that this tip isn’t working for you anymore. Now I suggest you to try the commands provided in the Method 2 and give me feedback so that I can assist you further.

I have the UOS set on automatic before restarting the computer but the error message still occurs. I go back and check the status of the UOS in properties and it is set on automatic and running but the error is still there. When I initially fixed the error about three weeks ago by changing the UOS to automatic it was okay for a week, but the error message came back again when I clicked on the check for windows update tab. What is an optimizer from a third party program? and what is a parameter of service, Thanks.

Can you check if the parameter of service is changed from Automatic to anything else? If that’s the case set it back to Automatic and remove any third-party app that you think leads to this issue because most of the parameters for services are changed when there is a third-party program such as an optimizer tries to disable them.

I am Rince Mathew. Thanks @Kevin Arrows. You are the only one who solved my problem. I tried the solution from official microsoft page, but it didnt work. Then I saw this website and tried to do it and it worked. Thank you very much. You are the best