How to Backup Files from Command Prompt

Originally published at: How to Backup Files from Command Prompt

At times, we come across Windows boot issues that prevent us from booting into Windows 10/8/7. Sure, one can use Windows recovery tools to fix most of startup related issues but there are some errors that can’t be fixed through recovery environment. This is a time that you want to recover data on your computer.…

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No, cancelling this process won’t corrupt your data as it’s being copied. However, I really recommend you to stay patient and wait until it’s finished just in case anything goes wrong. Also, keep in mind that we won’t be responsible for any data loss what so ever. So your best bet will be just to wait and let the process do it’s job.

Thanks for this great info. I am using method #1 and my folder is about 100gig and it’s been about 6 hour. If I cancel this process to use method #2, will I corrupt the data? or should I wait until finished. Appreciate your advise on this. Thanks a lot!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It is such a simple solution, but a nightmare if you don’t know the trick. I wonder how many people have lost valuable data for such windows issues. I called Dell earlier and they were ready to wipe out everything and reinstall Windows.

Thank you so much! You saved me a lot of time and work!

Open notepad.exe from cmd is a brilliant solution!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! The Notepad.exe solution saved my life’s work. I recently had to to backup my files and I cant boot into windows. I wish i could give you a hug!!!


Thank you for sharing this information!

What do you do after you “send to” …do you hit the Save button or is it already automatically coping the files, and how would I know it has completed?

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This work for me !!! Thank you so much!!! I thought my pictures would have been gone forever!!!

Great solutions

I have a 2008 dell laptop (top of the line in its day) I use it for doing vinyl graphics. I did not want windows 10 on it but somehow it appears to be trying to load but just hung up on the black screen with the window in middle and rotating dots. I have done everything I can find online. I have irreplaceable designs and software on it. it will not restore or go back to windows 7 or even start in safe mode. if I reset it it says I won’t ever be able to go back to 7. what do I do??