How to Change Default Camera in Windows?

Originally published at: How to Change Default Camera in Windows?

Some people like to use a third party camera instead of the internal ones that come in laptops, monitors, tablets, etc. However, this third party camera is sometimes overlooked by certain applications and they use the internal one instead. Therefore, in this article, we will teach you some methods by which you can configure Windows…

Thank you so much!! I was getting ready to return my external webcam if it wasn’t going to work with my work laptop. This simple trick worked while every other suggestion I had read on-line either did not, or truly was no applicable.

Thank you! I have searched everywhere on the internet for an answer to this problem. I just tried your method and it absolutely works!

I had to unintall youcam because it just took over as the main thing even in programs that i have no problem with. Was also really heavy on using system resources.

I was all ready to rail into everything you just wrote. I could kiss you. its saved me the frustration of typing it. To the guy who wrote the article, I cant find a “default” option on my laptop or either of the desktop computers i own. Disabling other cameras is not a fix that works for me either. I use the cameras connected, just not the same one for everything. I have one just for documents that I keep trying to have take focus and instead I get the camera app trying to launch the Snap filter application and crashing. Which I would also like to be able to use that as well sometimes without having to disable it. I can get it to bring up my camera for zoom, but that is only when disabling the snap app and disconnecting the other. That’s not a solution. My system has a good processor and butt load of ram there is no reason i cant expect to keep them on. Any way to change out the camera app, i mean its not great anyway although some apps use that to get the camera image instead of directly connecting to the camera itself.

There is no setting to make it default, disabling another camera to make it default, defeats the purpose of the question.



Can you please refer me to the step you are having a problem with?

Thank you so much! I wasted so much time trying to adjust settings, device manager, etc…and it was SO simple.

Can you please confirm, does that change the camera for all the applications to the one you have selected?

I agree with the Raccoon.

This does not work with my webcam vs my virtual 3d glasses. My 3d device is chosen as standard device and I have no “standard” option.

anyone find a fix for virtual cameras yet…i wouldve imagined there wouldve been the ability to manipulate video like you can playback and recording devices but i guess no ones figured that out yet