How to Change the Primary Monitor on Windows?

Originally published at: How to Change the Primary Monitor on Windows?

All versions of the Windows Operating System that are currently supported by Microsoft have dual monitor and even multiple monitor support. This means that you can have more than one monitor not only connected to your computer but also display whatever you want it to display in order to increase productivity and improve ease of…

Pro tip: When Windows decides on its own to make the TV connected via HDMI the primary monitor, THERE’S NOT A F*** THING YOU CAN DO on the actual monitor. When the HDMI cable to the TV is connected, the actual monitor goes blank. When it’s disconnected, THERE’S NO OPTION TO MAKE THE ACTUAL MONITOR THE PRIMARY ONE. You MUST switch the TV input to the HDMI connection to the computer and go into settings using it as the “monitor.” If that TV ever goes out when Windows has made it the monitor, it’s reformated time.

The article has been updated to accommodate new methods.

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Doesn’t matter that it’s set as the main monitor. If I chose “PC Screen Only” under project is goes to Monitor #1 no matter what is set as my main monitor. How do you change this?

Thanks alot man! Just a small thing I wasnt sure about.

I can’t connect another monitor at the same time need help


This is NOT for Windows 10. It looks like the instructions for Windows 7.

This is NOT for Windows 10. It works fine for Windows 7, but not Windows 10. I have “Display Settings” instead of “Screen Resolution” in Windows 10, and I can’t find the checkbox for the primary display.

What happens when you connect the second monitor?