How to Create Bootable USB Drive of Windows 10/11 using Rufus?

Originally published at: How to Create Bootable USB Drive of Windows 10/11 using Rufus?

Microsoft has refined the process of creating and setting up media for its operating system with Windows 11, building upon its efforts from Windows 10. As modern systems now use the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI)—an advancement over the Basic Input/output System (BIOS)—tools such as the Windows USB/DVD Download Tool are becoming less relevant. If…

Might be due to malware. Do u have any backup that works? try to backup after completely formatting your partitions and scanning for viruses

That’s fine, continue with MBR

Yes, you can use UNetbootin. Here is the link to it:

Try the method labeled as “Using Rufus to Install Windows” That should definitely work for you.

You can change the option to USB since you are probably using an SD Card with a USB Card reader? Also, your HDD might have bad sectors that are preventing it from being able to boot up properly.

Ok thank you.

My laptop Dell Inspiron 1&R N7110, boots up to Administrator screen and for few seconds shows the desktop with icons and then suddenly turns off. I tried multiple re-boots, but no improvement. I took the hard drive out (connect as a slave) and able to access the files, but when I run system diagnostics, it says “HDD error”. Orginally Windows 7 and upgraded to 10 a year+ ago. Can you please suggest what I should do? Can I boot from SDcard, used Refus to create it, how do I change boot option to SD Card? thanks a lot.

A little late to the discussion but if you go to the “Partition Scheme and Target System Type” option, you can change it to MBR.

For Rufus version 2.2.xx the Partition scheme you display shows “GPT partition scheme for UEFI”?

Using version 3.21 I only see MBR?

my laptop has been hacked all my data is saved but i cant open it when i try to open it gives option of how to open.all my files logo has became like a blank page.

Follow the steps indicated in the article to create a bootable Windows USB.

My husband suddenly received an error code oxc000000f on his ASUS (HDMI?) laptop. I don’t fully understand what you are saying in your article above. He can not find his original WIN disk, which was WIN 8 but he upgraded to WIN 10 about a year ago (maybe less). Can I create something using my HP TouchSmart laptop, which also uses a WIN 10 upgrade that will fix his problem? If yes, can you provide simple 1,2,3 instructions to do so? I not then what do we need to do?

This is what the error says.
Your PC needs to be repaired
A required device isn’t connected or can’t be accessed. (he had no devices connected)
Error code: 0xc000000f
You’ll need to use the recovery tools on your installation media (he has none). If you don’t have any installation media like a disc or USB device, contact your system administer or PC manufacturer.

Help please!

My father has an HP 8200 elite sfc pc, running win 10 pro, 64 bit. Reportedly, after an update, he started getting the boot error code oxc000000f. I’ve tried the MS recoverable media program, and trying to load an iso image…program reports Windows can only be installed on GPT disks, this is an MBR.