How to Customize Default Search Views on Windows?

Originally published at: How to Customize Default Search Views on Windows?

Whenever you make changes to the view and sort settings of windows explorer, the custom changes are marked for that folder such that your view will remain the same way when you reopen the same folder. The same thing happens when you search for a certain key word within a certain folder. If you decide…

It might not be updated to the latest version, is it up to date?

Looks like the key changed again in 1909 to {57807898-8C4F-4462-BB63-71042380B109} - can you confirm?


I’m not very good for using regedit … I tried to do what is explained here above … without succes.
Could someone else be kind enough to help me?
I’m MOST interested to Customize Default Search Views on Windows 10 changing foldr by path … only that; for all subfolders.
Thanks in advance

Thanks Kevin Arrows.

It works!!! HAPPY


The solution for changing file explorer search default view from CONTENT to DETAILS was posted in the following linked forums in the past, however this is not working after a windows 10 update in fall of 2018.

As of Oct 2018:


Must now be changed to


Make this change in the .reg file and it will work.

As of Oct 2018

Must now be


Make this change in the .reg file and it will work.

  1. I just checked for me it was {5C4F28B5-F869-4E84-8E60-F11DB97C5CC7}. It does vary from system to system I believe. You will have to find it.
  2. Yes, it won’t work on the files that are previously searched.


I just checked I am using the same version as yours. For me it was {5C4F28B5-F869-4E84-8E60-F11DB97C5CC7}. Can you double-check that?

As of May/2020 on my corporate Win10 laptop (updated regularly by our IT Service) the key is the original one {7fde1a1e-8b31-49a5-93b8-6be14cfa4943} (not the one mentioned to be valid after 2018)

For me it is: {5C4F28B5-F869-4E84-8E60-F11DB97C5CC7}

Where are you facing the issue? have you already navigated to the folder mentioned in the article?