How to Fix a Sony Vaio Laptop Not Turning On

Originally published at: How to Fix a Sony Vaio Laptop Not Turning On

If you own a Sony Vaio, there’s a huge chance that you may encounter the issue of it not turning on. Many Sony Vaio users face this problem when suddenly their laptop ceases to start. Whenever you press the button, your green light will turn on for a few seconds, and then it will turn…

It might need professional repair.

my laptop is not tunning on sony viao and no sign of life


Thank you this works… My laptop is from 2011 and still alive in 2022.

Disconnecting and reconnecting the RTC battery (under bottom cover) resurrected my Vaio and also solved an issue with it not running on battery when disconnected from the mains.

I have tried all of your recommended solutions and each has failed. My Sony begins to start and usually and almost immediately shuts down. There is an audible click, sounding like a static electricity discharge when it shuts down. The charger works per volt meter, the battery appears to be charged, the bios battery has been replaced and I have created a recovery USB but nothing appears to work. I would appreciate your advice on this frustrating problem. Thanks.

Probably a power burst that got something fried. Best to get it in for service if you cannot start it by removing the battery and connecting it directly through the charger.

Could be that the disaply has been physically disconnected due to breakage or short circuit. Try to power Cycle it, remove battery and turn it on on the adapter.

if laptop is on but didnt showing anything on screen then whats the problem.(the screen is not broke).vaio laptop

Got the same issue : I replace the bios battery (CR 2032) and went back to service immediately

Thanks!!! I follow the steps and my laptop comeback to normal.

Hi Kevin, I faced this problem just a few days ago. But there was no light at all. Nothing worked. I got my laptop back an hour ago from the service center. They just said, they cleaned the BIOS. No parts were replaced. Whatever does this mean ? I dont think the technician wanted to know what my question was. Did they flash the bios ? Or did they use soap and water ?.