How to Fix an Xbox One Controller That Won't Connect to PC

Originally published at: How to Fix an Xbox One Controller That Won't Connect to PC

There are multiple ways to connect your Xbox One Controller to your PC, such as through a Bluetooth connection, an Xbox One Adapter, or a micro USB cable. However, you may sometimes encounter issues where your system fails to recognize the controller. The failure to connect could stem from various reasons, including incorrect drivers, a…

And what if you don’t have an xbox? Honestly I think customer care is such an afterthought with these controllers, they don’t pair with their products readily and they’re designed so they break after six months. £60 every six months is more than I want to pay. Does anyone know of a comparable controller that works as well for games like halo and call of duty? Obviously touch sensitivity is very important for those games.

That helped! I had a very short cable, which seems to be only loading it, I checked my cables, grabbed a longer one and I got instant the Plugged sound on Windows!

The methods shown above should also help you in this situation please try and keep me updated.

Sorry, which driver are you referring to? I’m getting nowhere with my controller.

I… never thought the obvious solution would work, but here it is, working
thanks man.

So many pages of the same obvious solutions, I can’t believe I had to read this in a comment here. Thank you!