How to Fix Brightness Slider Missing on Windows?

Originally published at: How to Fix Brightness Slider Missing on Windows?

Not being able to change the brightness of your screen from the taskbar or the Notification Center is a big inconvenience for Windows 10 users as they would alternatively have to search for brightness settings deep inside the Settings app each time they have to change the brightness of the screen. Brightness Slider Missing on…

Which graphics card do you have? Also, I suggest you change the brightness from your monitor’s button as Windows doesn’t officially support changing the desktop brightness however if you have an AMD or Nvidia Graphics card you can change the brightness and other settings like saturation, vibrance, etc from the control panel. If you do not have any graphics card on your computer you will have to download a 3rd party tool like “ClickMonitorDDC” to change the brightness of your monitor.

There is literally no way to change the brightness on my desktop computer. It’s not in settings, its not in display settings, and I can’t find it as a quick option as well. I’m up-to-date with Windows, so I’m rather confused as to where the hell it went.

Slider is missing in both display settings and notification tray, no on/off toggle under system notifications settings, no enable/disable auto dimming in custom power management control… Just another complete pile brought to you by microsoft…

Thanks for the help, I tried 2 and 3 methods before coming to this page but not worked and tried the 1st method it works, anyways thank you man

Open Command Prompt as administrator and type the following command “sfc /scannow” this command will fix any corrupted windows file which can potentially fix your issue. (Please make sure to restart your computer afterward)

If that doesn’t work for you:-

Note: This will change your normal experience and you will have to set up most of the things again.
Try making a new user account, Log in to that account and check if the brightness slider comes back or no. If the brightness slider is available in your new account you should log back into normal user, make a new one admin, and copy the contents of (C:/users/old user folder) on top of (C:/users/new user folder)
so it can have the same access to installed files. Then just log in to the new user and all you have to do is set up browsers and maybe Steam/Onedrive if you used them before.

If you don’t want to do that there is one more thing you can do. Visit Brightness Slider’s official page and hit the Download button visible at the bottom of the page, set the brightness you desire and the program will be minimized to the system tray from there right-click on it and press run at startup. Whenever you have to set up custom brightness just click on the system tray icon and select the brightness you want to use.

If none of these helps you or they are too inconvenient for you there is something you can do to adjust your brightness without the slider ok so first of all press the Win+R keys together which will open run now in that Windows type “mbclrt” without quotes all lowercase and press enter and adjust your brightness. But in case this method doesn’t work for you as well I am sorry to say but you have to reinstall your windows completely if you don’t know how to do that here is a tutorial on doing it: How to Install Windows on your PC using a USB

thanks worked perfectly

No, on a desktop. Apparently AMD pulls the slider out of windows settings or something, because the only way I can adjust it in software is with radeon settings.

Are you on a laptop? if so you can also use the Fn + Brightness low key on your keyboard to change brightness