How to Fix Brightness Won't Change on Windows 10/11

Originally published at: How to Fix Brightness Won't Change on Windows 10/11

Some users have reported difficulties in changing the screen brightness on Windows 10 and Windows 11 after receiving an update or after upgrading from a previous version of Windows. For many, the screen brightness is stuck at its maximum setting, which is not only uncomfortable for the eyes but also detrimental to laptop battery life.…

The option was only for the intel graphics’ users. Have you tried to properly install the Graphics Card Drivers after uninstalling them completely using DDU? if not do that and check if it solves the issue.

Method 6 worked! You literally saved me! I had spent so much time before I founded this post! In my case my laptop is not a thinkpad but a lenovo legion 5 15imh05h. I hope this post helps more people! Thank you so much!

Thanks a lot. Methods #3 and #4 works for me.

Thanks a lot! Method 3 worked for me.

Thanks a bunch! I almost lost all hope when suddenly, method 4 worked!!! Appreciate your help. Thanks!!!

Browse my computer for driver software option from Method 3 worked for me. Selecting
basic display adapter made it stay bright always at 100% and no option to reduce/increase it. So I chose an older version. THANKS A LOT FOR THIS ARTICLE !!! I was struggling while switching from dark to bright mode application and vice-versa because of this problem

Under powercfg.cpl “Adjust plan brightness” does not appear for me underneath “Put the computer to sleep” and “Turn off the display”. Same for Brightness in the “Display” tab under “Change Advanced Power Settings”. Switching drivers/restarting didn’t help. (I noticed the issue just after reboot coz wifi wasn’t working…) Intel Display manager had an option for Brightness but that didn’t increase the backlight/frontlight on my screen and made the colors appear faded. The slider under the notifications tab is there but was already at maximum and I could tell it was still dim. HOW I FIXED IT WAS, Right click desktop → “Display Settings” and disable “Change brightness automatically when lighting changes”!!!

Right-click anywhere and select “Display Settings”.
Click on the Display Resolution dropdown and select the Max resolution available.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Awesome of you to share so many methods! Tried Methods 1 and 2 - didn’t work. Method 3 did the job! Many thanks!

Worked for me too

I used Method 3 and it increased my brightness, but now everything on my computer looks bigger/more zoomed in. Any suggestions? I’m terrible with computers and have no idea what to do.

Your solution was amazing! Updating the display adapter driver worked for me

thank u so much!

Thank you SO much for this article! My brightness buttons have not been working for a whole YEAR and by using method 1 and enabling my adaptive brightness, I can finally change my brightness!