How to Fix Device 'Require Further Installation' Error in Windows?

Originally published at: How to Fix Device 'Require Further Installation' Error in Windows?

Several Windows users have been reporting that upon investigating Device Manager, they found one or multiple devices (PCI, USB, Audio, etc.) that have an Event Log stating that they ‘require further installation‘. Although affected users report that this scenario doesn’t limit the device’s functionality in an apparent way, they would still like to know what…

dvmgmt.msc should be devmgmt.msc

I spent hours on the stupid &%#! requires further installation issue. Then I went to driver easy and it found both in 30 seconds. But you have to dig around in the free version. Any thoughts

My Lenovo integrated camera starts up cycling on and off; it eventually clears up. I have updated the driver, removed it and restarted with no effect. The following error message is displayed in the Device Manager driver list: Device USBVID_04F2&PID_B61E&MI_006&10400b6&1&0000 requires further installation.
Lenovo IdeaPad S340-I5IIL Touch

thank the guys on youtube. msi is on my $>?:* list. Stay away form pc gamer and game infromer idiot greedy devs and makers as it aint 2010 anymo.

Thank you. Method 3 worked for me and the issue has been solved. Once you download the driver, it’s sometimes not enough to just restart and expect the new driver to install correctly. On occasion you must go into device manager, find the newly installed driver and uninstall it then restart your computer allowing Windows to fresh install the driver. This is what I did and the issue is no more. Thank you for this blog.

Yes, I can help. Although, I will have to check some details on your computer. Do you have Discord? Contact me on my Discord Zubyan Gul#9955

Hello, I have Asus TUF Gaming 15.6’’ (FX516PC-HN558) and cant install graphics card device. Can you help me? I have tried everything here.

The problem has resolved. Thank you for the help. It turns out that optimal sound driver for my Lenovo is completely different from the one suggested by Windows. It resolves after installing driver in lenovo web page. And the optimal suggested driver is old, which is why every update and suggestion by updater or module app ends up breaking it. I don’t know why lenovo does not update it’s optimal driver or that the company does not tell windows of the obvious trouble, but at least it works after several hundreds curses and table bangings.

Thank you so much for your input! I have fixed it.

Follow these steps:-

  1. Right-click on your Start menu and click “Device Manager”.
  2. Now find the “Cameras” section. Once you find it extend it and you should find your webcam listed.
  3. Now right-click on your Camera and click on update driver then select “Browse my computer for drivers”.
  4. Then select “Let me pick from a list of available…” Now it will list all the drivers.
  5. Select the default windows driver it should be listed as “USB Generic Image Device” or something similar then install it.
  6. If you don’t know which one to install send me a screenshot and I will let you know.

I got to step 4 of Browse, but the folder doesn’t appear. I don’t know if I’m doing right

Yes, on Laptop and my model number is X441UVK

I have this problem every day and I have to disable and enable wifi for it to work. What I can do?

Here is the new link:-

Thank you for letting us know!

Hi, my laptop is Lenovo C340-14IML Laptop (ideapad) - Type 81TK. I tried reinstalling my camera but it shows “Device USBVID_1BCF&PID_0B13&MI_006&287431f7&0&0000 requires further installation.”

After a restart, most of the time it won’t start and stays dark. But on rare occasions, it would sputter and show glimpse of it working before going back to dark. Checking the Events in device manager during that time shows these 2 events:
Device USBVID_1BCF&PID_0B13&MI_006&287431f7&0&0000 was started.

Driver Name: usbvideo.inf
Class Guid: {ca3e7ab9-b4c3-4ae6-8251-579ef933890f}
Service: usbvideo
Lower Filters: WdmCompanionFilter
Upper Filters:

Device USBVID_1BCF&PID_0B13&MI_006&287431f7&0&0000 was configured.

Driver Name: usbvideo.inf
Class Guid: {ca3e7ab9-b4c3-4ae6-8251-579ef933890f}
Driver Date: 06/21/2006
Driver Version: 10.0.19041.1387
Driver Provider: Microsoft
Driver Section: USBVideo.NT
Driver Rank: 0xFF2002
Matching Device Id: USBClass_0e
Outranked Drivers:
Device Updated: false
Parent Device: USBVID_1BCF&PID_0B131.00.00

I have this problem with my camera suddenly from today morning it is blank and when i use it any of apps the camera is black. Tried disabling and enabling the device couple of restarts, no updates are pending in windows updater. Laptop model - DELL Inspiron 15-3567

Please let me know the exact model number of your Wifi Card so that I can assist you further.

Try Installing this driver:

I have wifi card, and first time i put it in pcie slot, it worked. Next time i booted my pc, it didnt work. I needed to remove my card and put it back to work. And i have dual band wifi card. Hiw to redolve this problem?
To be clear i instaled drivers from the last step,but it didnt help :confused: