How to Fix Error 0x8007007e in Windows?

Originally published at: How to Fix Error 0x8007007e in Windows?

You can get the 0x8007007e error while upgrading to Windows 10 or performing a Windows update. This error usually prevents you from upgrading or updating your system. Sometimes the error shows up with a “Windows have encountered and unknown error” or “Failed to install the update/build. Please Try again” message as well. There are usually…

Is CMD opened as an admnistrator?

That folder has no effect, the one with .old in it. You can delete it.

i dont think my computer can do that, plus, after the ren C:WindowsSoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old it says “access denied”

Method 2 - steps 6 and 7
I get the message - access denied !!

yeah and it either doesnt come up with anything or access denied

ren doesn’t work for me

Try the same method in safe mode.

Access denied means that you are not running command prompt in elevated mode. You should be logged as an administrator and should open the command prompt in administrator mode too (windows + S, type “command prompt”, right-click on the application and select “Run as administrator”). If you still cannot rename, just cut paste the entire folder manually. Doesnt make a difference.

is this a good thing or a bad thing

Means you have done the steps in the past, catrool2.old is just a renamed version (not used)

i have both catroot2 and catroot2.old on my computer what does this mean

What is the error you’re getting when you try running it - may be post a screen shot so i can analyse it?

If you’re getting access is denied, make sure command prompt is running as admin.

Im saying everything worked except ren C:WindowsSoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old

ren C:WindowsSoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old doesn’t work

Press Windows + S, type “Command prompt” in the dialogue box, right-click on the application and select “Run as administrator”.

Yes and still nothing works. I tried to turn on all privileges on user account on the cmd and still says acces denied.

Are you running the command prompt as administrator?

Are you running command prompt with administrator privileges?