How to Fix 'Error Q-Code 00' on ASUS Motherboard

Originally published at: How to Fix 'Error Q-Code 00' on ASUS Motherboard

Some PC users using an ASUS motherboard are seeing the 00 Q error code on their motherboard whenever they attempt to boot up their computer. Some users encountering this problem are reporting that whenever this error occurs, no signal shows up on the screen. Q-Code 00 Error on ASUS Motherboard As it turns out, there…

Very similar to what I just did; after reconnecting my cables for the nth time (getting the cables laid out just so), I forgot to connect the two CPU cables. “00” through several reboots until I thought to look for anything out of place. A lovely “duh” moment. lol

I got this error because I had not connected the second (optional) PSU 8 pin power connector.

No worries about being late, I just wanted to verify that there is no issue happening from your side that’s why I told you to try and replace the CMOS Battery. Basically, that resets your BIOS Setting so that’s why I suggested you replace your CMOS battery.

A little late getting back to you, and I’m sorry for that. I still have the problem, but I don’t turn off my PC often. I think the problem is larger specification allowances for faulty manufacturing in order to get the cards out of the door and make money. I don’t understand how the CMOS battery could be at fault when the only resolution to my problem requires that it be absent from my card for short of an hour to allow adequate discharge. Is there something I don’t understand that is fundamental to electricity or circuitry?

I think your CMOS Battery is the culprit I suggest you replace your CMOS battery and check if the issue still persists.

Like many, I was getting 00 codes on my ROG Strix X570-E with no monitor activity or peripheral devices (like me keyboard) activating. I couldn’t get to BIOS. The only time I would get a code other than 00 was after leaving the CMOS battery out of the board for about an hour. Ten seconds, or even 15 minutes wasn’t enough. This implies that there are some capacitors on the board that hold some serious charge.

The first time I got it into BIOS, it was after flashing the BIOS to the motherboard after removing the CMOS for an hour. My keyboard was receiving power and I got a different Q code, but nothing displayed on my monitor. After booting this way with my monitor hooked up to the HDMI and then DisplayPort, I still didn’t get monitor activity. It took plugging in my graphics card (Radeon RX 5600 XT) and using the ports on that to get a display.

I actually got it to boot to BIOS and then to Windows with all of my components installed, but I can only do it after the CMOS has been removed from the board for an hour. Otherwise, I still get the 00 code. I share everyone’s frustration, because it feels like an arbitrary error that I can’t troubleshoot further.