How to Fix Facebook Marketplace Not Working Issue?

Hello. I have listed few items on marketplace but they still show under review for the last 4 days. i add and remove every day and nothing happens, still just the same. Marketplace has stuck.

Hello. I have listed items on marketplace.but they still show under review. For the last 2 days. Third deleting then relisting. Changing my password. Deleting the app and reinstalling. Still just the same. It seems market place has stuck…

Hi I am having the same issue as Jean-Marc Tibo. I have not had this issue before. I have listed two items yet the show as active on my account yet show no views and when I search for them I can not find them. Please can you help?

When I go on the marketplace to look at posts it tells me there are no posts in my area. I have reported it and checked my support inbox and no one has helped me. It has been several days and it’s getting really frustrating. I would like some answers please. I am not restricted, I just can’t see posts in my area. I’m having a problem with this on my phone and iPad.

Hi! I post items on Marketplace with my correct location(computer, tablet and cell phone). I see my location is ok in all of my postings. However when I search for my items or even my name they don’t show up in the 1km,5km,20km but only 40km range. Most of my buyers are usually from far away too. I’m in Montreal there are enough Montrealers browsing Marketplace why aren’t they seeing my items?

Just update the location name on the main page of the Facebook market place, then try to list the item, your currency will be automatically selected based on the location you have selected on the main page.

How do I change currency in Facebook Marketplace. My problem: Wrong currency in listings on Facebook marketplace. I live in Croatia and currency here is Croatian Kuna [KN] but in listings on the Marketplace is US $. I have changed the currency in Facebook pay settings to the Euro (because there is no KN). Some other (my) listings is in Croatian KN. My listing in US $ are probably invisible to the Marketplace.

Thank you Zubyan. Yes only a small audience, so that might be the issue.

Hi, I can create an ad in Marketplace, and see the Publish button BUT I am unable to click the publish button and so my ad sits as a draft. Can you help please? Thanks

I’ve been trying to buy on market place but I’ve had my orders canceled twice by Facebook a few days later. Thier explanation is they are having technical issues with processing my payment. I see the authorization on my bank account.