How to Fix Facebook Marketplace Not Working Issue?

Originally published at: How to Fix Facebook Marketplace Not Working Issue?

Facebook Marketplace may experience issues that interfere with its proper functioning, such as problems with a user’s Facebook account, device incompatibility, or geographic location restrictions. These issues can be caused by technical glitches or account limitations. When attempting to access Marketplace, users have reported the following errors: Facebook Marketplace not loading No access, receiving the…

When I click on an item in Marketplace it goes to the item and then immediately that page becomes blank white so you cant see the full description photos etc. I have cleared cache etc, have relogged in.
It does not happen on my phone.

In this specific case, we can’t really help you. Only Facebook can help you.

Can we PLEASE go back to the OLD facebook layout , Market Place is Ruined , chat messages USED to have a link to the sale page you were messaging on ,this is no longer acessable so you have to try and refind what you were looking at when they finally reply back to messages , all messages pop up on every damn page , before you could have multiple tabs open with that sellers chat just on their own page , now you get 50+ messages popping up over the top of all other chats … when selling you just get hammed with is this still avail , and you have to try and remember what that picture was for and find your ad to see what the description and prices were … instead of clicking a link that used to be with every message

I searched some of my older listings to see if they would pop up as they were not getting any views.
Unfortunately none of my older listings were showing up no matter if I had a filter or not. Near, far, shipping, no shipping, price. I have renewed them all and still they aren’t showing up. I have made minor edits to them to see if that would trigger it and they are still not popping up. Items I posted the last several months show up show up just fine. Anything I posted 12/2021 and later is showing, anything before that is not. Please help! I have a lot of posts before 12/2021.

Hi Kevin! Whenever i try to list an item on Market place the price is always appended with ‘Rp’. I’ve tried selling multiple times on Market place and never had this issue before. I do have a 4.0 seller rating. Do you know how i can fix the issue?

Unfortunately, we can’t help you in this case. Only Facebook can help you if they want to.

Hello Kevin on Friday March 11th 2022 at 7:51pm I received a notification that my access to Marketplace was removed I would like to know how to get it restored I have tried clicking on the link to request a review but it does not seem to work is there any other way to do a review I have tried reporting to Facebook I am getting no response constantly I’m getting messages that I’m logging in from another state I keep changing my password I think that’s what led to this I don’t know I didn’t go against policy I’m just trying to get my account restored I have since had to make a new account on Facebook but I would rather have my old one back I have been in contact with people that told me they could restore my account but they need money I’m on a budget I can’t afford to send money to people with no proof of reactivation

It’s possible that the seller can’t able to ship to Hungary that’s why the buy button is greyed out.

I’m trying to pay for something through facebook marketplace, but there either won’t be a buy now button, it will be gray and I can’t click on it, or I can click on it, but the pay button is gray, even though I have filled out the payment method and address. Could location be a factor? I’m in Hungary and buying from the UK.

Can you please send me a screenshot of that error message?

I tried to list furniture and received message that I listed too many items as a first time seller. What is the list on items for a first time seller?

This seems more like a server-based issue, I suggest you try searching with filters from another device if that doesn’t work for you then it is either a server-based issue or account-based issue. In that case, we can’t assist you. You will have to contact Facebook Help.

It seems like an account issue to me, please contact Facebook and let them know about this bug.

Try posting the item you are trying to sell from another account as this seems like an account issue to me, unfortunately, we can’t fix any account issues you will have to contact facebook and let them know about the situation.

It seems more like a bug, try letting Facebook know about it maybe they can help you with it or you can try re-installing the app.

Try logging in from another account and check to see if the issue persists, if it does then you can try to re-install the application and check to see if the issue persists. Keep me updated!

No, I don’t think so that there is a limit on how many listings can have tags. I suggest you to try contacting Facebook regarding this issue as it seems like an account issue.

Hello! Only recently I became able to add tags to my listings. I assumed it was a new feature. I started updating my listings with tags. Now suddenly I no longer see the options to add tags when I am listing or when editing older listings. Is there a limit on how many listing can have tags? Is there a setting somewhere that I need to fix? I can’t seem to figure out how to turn this back on!

Hi. I have same problem last 3 days.