How to Fix File System Error 2147219196 When Opening Windows Apps

Originally published at: How to Fix File System Error 2147219196 When Opening Windows Apps

While attempting to open images using the Windows Photo App, you might encounter the File system error 2147219196. This error may also appear when launching other Windows apps such as Calculator, etc. File system error (-2147219196) can prevent the use of certain apps, most commonly the photo app, or a group of apps. The 2147219196…

Run Command Prompt as an administrator and run this command:-


Check to see if the issue persists.

I think some of your services are disabled, we will have to diagnose that. Do you have Discord? We can contact you there and you can screenshare.

I personally think that it’s your graphics driver that’s being problematic and giving you a black screen. So, i suggest you to try these step:-

  1. Boot into safe mode and download your graphics card driver.
  2. Uninstall the previous graphics driver.
  3. Install the driver you just downloaded.

Check to see if that helps resolving the black screen issue.

Where exactly are you facing problems SDLee? and what exactly is the issue?
I might be able to help you.

This article might help you in getting permissions to access the folder?

ah!thanks;( I’ll try my best to figure out a way to solve this problem, hopefully I will succeed. so, sorry out of topic, but do you have any idea of solving the Black screen problem??

I’m having a problem where this same error code shows up when I try to open setting, does anyone know how I can fix it since most sources on the error code relate it to opening .pdf files.


I am experiencing this same File System Error sometimes when I open PDF files with Drawboard PDF. I will test if other PDF applicationsa re simlarly affected.

Any idea for a solution?


Unfortunately, it seems like you can’t run PsExec in safe mode as they don’t install any service on your computer it’s a portable program.

Can you tell me which service do you want to enable in safe mode? So that I can give you a command to enable service in safe mode.

Hi! thanks for this post, but there’s a little problem I’m facing which I hope someone can reply me back Asap. I’ve done the CMD method, but the problem is, I’m booting my Laptop in Safe Mode (it’s the last resort I could go to, since if my Laptop boots normally, a black screen gonna appear) so anyways, so I’ve had the following message “This service cannot be started in Safe Mode”…soo any tip doing this in safe mode…?I need this Asap. and thanks!

I am having the same problem. How did you manage to gain permission to access the folders?

Thank you for the update

hi Kevin, thanks for this post, it’s very well written and easy to follow. i got all the way to step 13 without any problem but then i got lost…it seems my computer doesn’t have any folder called “windows apps” and i can’t seem to find the location of my apps on the computer anywhere…which means i can’t specify the correct folder name in the last command prompt. is there anyway you can help me? thank you,
EDIT: i found the windowsapps folder as a hidden file and the computer says i can’t have access to it even though i’m an administrator
EDIT ": i managed to obtain permission to access the folders, completed the last two steps and now the photos app works once again! thank you so much.