How to Fix Google Hangouts Camera not Working

Originally published at: How to Fix Google Hangouts Camera not Working

Several Windows users are reporting that they are unable to use their integrated or external camera with Google Hangouts. Affected users are reporting that the camera works just fine with other applications (built-in and 3rd party). The issue does not seem to be exclusive to a certain Windows version or a browser since it’s confirmed…

Is Chrome allowed to use your camera? Once again, i still think its Chrome. Try reinstalling it and check if that works. Furthermore, try to see if any other site/application on Chrome can use the camera.

Well, that’s the funny thing. It only happens in Chrome. Other apps (e.g. Windows Camera App, Skype, Zoom) are working just fine with the camera.

Hmm, is this happening on a laptop? Maybe your Webcam got disconnected from the mobo? is its light on when you try to use it?

You can’t really do anything there to add applications as Chrome to be allowed. Most of the time Chrome asks for permission and that’s it, but I’ve had occasions where this behaviour didn’t happen en there’s no way to force it. The camera usage is refused in forehand and therefor no request for permission is showing in chrome.

This is to be done to Windows settings which are always there? maybe i didn’t comprehend you properly but this is to be done in Windows’ settings.

And if they’re not there and there’s no request to either allow or block the camera, then what? There’s no way to manually put them there, but somehow the camera request is blocked before the pop-up even shows.

Okay, are you able to use the camera for any other application? press “Windows” + “I” to go to settings, click on “Privacy” and then “Camera” and check if apps are allowed to access your camera.

That didn’t help at all. Business hangouts hasn’t been blocked and it doesn’t show the pop up window to allow it either, on any browser. I can go live and participate in sessions on my laptop, but not my USB camera on my main computer.