How to Fix High CPU Usage by .NET Runtime Optimization Service?

Originally published at: How to Fix High CPU Usage by .NET Runtime Optimization Service?

High CPU Usage by NET Runtime optimization service can occur unexpectedly but may also surface following an update to the .NET Framework. The related process, identified as mscorsvw.exe, appears in the Task Manager as that name or as .NET Runtime Optimization Service. Although not frequent, this service runs to optimize the .NET Framework, improving the…

I am not impressed with w -10 one bit. Including having to change things like this to get it to where the cpu can do any actual work I want it to do. I like everything I can think of about W7.

this went through some process after the cmds in cmd. It took a while. Was this correct? It seems like it did stop the high cpu usage insanity.

CMD works like a charm, thanks!

Thank you for bringing the mistake to our attention, we will amend it shortly.

Hello, the “ngen.exe” comes with Microsoft Framework. If it isn’t found that must mean that either the installation of Microsoft Framework has been corrupted or it isn’t installed. Therefore, i would recommend you to download and install the latest version of Microsoft Framework for your computer depending upon the Operating system’s Architecture and version. Thanks and do inform us if the solution works :slight_smile:

Windows 10, get ngen.exe not found