How to Fix "No Device Drivers Were Found" Error Installing Windows?

Originally published at: How to Fix "No Device Drivers Were Found" Error Installing Windows?

This error frequently occurs if the Windows installation media lacks disk drivers, preventing the visibility of connected disks during the Windows installation process. To resolve this issue, you will need to download the disk drivers using another device and then transfer them to your Windows installation media. Furthermore, numerous users have found success by formatting…

You don’t have to physically take your SSD out to format it. Please follow the 3rd method. Just make sure to create a backup of your data first.

Please can you help? Nothing worked. I’ve an SSD and I can’t take it out to format

Please try to download the ISO again from a reliable source, as it seems like the ISO you have downloaded doesn’t have any drivers provided in it.

i didn’t knew about it because i don’t have a 2.0 pendrive but 3.0 i wanted to try with a external 2.0 USB plug
i don’t know will it work? But let’s try

You forgot to tell people to select the right disk in cmd before listing partitions.

Mabye your Windows’ ISO is corrupted? are you sure you are using the correct ISO to make the USB/DVD bootable?

Used DVD, still the same sir

Hello sir. Please help me. Is there any other ways to solve this problem? None of these solutions helped.

first solution worked for me. thanks

Thanks for your reply! However, I finally found out that the function is automatically enabled, which was what I had to do. So, that wasn’t my problem at all. Still, thanks for your help!

What model Motherboard are you using? also, if the bios don’t show the exact or a similar option it might not be possible to change it but to be sure I will have to check the model of your Motherboard.

I tried all of the above, including trying the RUFUS Utility. But I am having the same problems. Any other thoughts?

You can choose the Keep my Files settings which will keep the files located inside the drive but delete the applications that have been installed

im trying to connect may hdd drive to other pc using disk reader by usb after i plugin , my pc is freeze i mean still loading it takes too long, you have any idea?

That’s a good idea but please make sure to stop the process once the computer you are Installing Windows from is restarting because If you will continue any further the drivers might be unstable as both computers might have different hardware drivers required.

If you can get a disk enclosure, take the disk out of the PC, connect it to another one with the disk enclosure, access to the disk admin and format the damage disk, then you should be able to install Windows on it when you put it back.

can you help me i tried everything and it still doesnt work :frowning:

Furthermore, you can use a DVD to install instead of a USB. An external DVD player should do the trick if you don’t have one on your computer.

Please I am installing windows 8. And it says “no drivers found”. I want to use the command prompt steps. If I reach the step that says" select partition X", supposed I typed X, will I lose all my files? .Please I also want to know if you can install windows on “Drive C” without losing all my files.